Sawn timber simulation program LOG 5.0 for sawing and grading.




This comprehensive Windows PC-program has been developed together with many different saw mills since 1995.

More than 500 lisences have been sold in Finland and in Sweden. The aim of the program is to help production planning and pricing of sawn timber in order to get as good sawing outcome as possible.



Comparison is one of the most important characteristic in a simulation program. In this program you are able to see sawing pattern results in one single calculation-window, where are situated two different choice items, Choice 1 and Choice 2. Below an example of calculation-window.


(After sales prices have been given, an example calculation will show that a sawing of 50x200mm in Choice 1, profit 39,67 eur/m3, is a bit better than a sawing of 75x150mm in Choice 2, where the profit is 36,02 eur/m3. Log size in both cases is 25cm including bark.)

Program features in a nutshell:


- quick and easy simulation how to get different sawn timber dimensions from different log sizes, you can get also so called heart free sawing.

- sawn timber pricing, which allows you to have also a financial profit outcome in addition to material outcome. Results are "A profit per log cubic meter", "A profit per sawed cubic meter of sawn timber" and "Costs for sawn timber cubic meter".

- a simple cost calculation for every defined sawn timber dimension.

- you can save all data into PC's memory, use it afterwards and also print it into paper.


- a complementary grading/pricing program, where you choose different parts of the tree and then define percentages and prices for different grades. The Program calculates the price according to ratios you have given to different grades. See below:


(Results in all item are used automatically in a calculation display. You can simulate here also values for different customers)

Information of sawing data

- you can simulate for example wane edge for side boards and then change them to full edge. The program takes care of cutting a board automatically according to desired edge.

- information display gives you important information from simulated sawing pattern, like wane in x/y level, edges, cutting lengths, full edges for all sawn timbers, yield etc. See below:



By pushing specification bar you can give definitions for following items:

- sawn timbers (nominal dimensions, sawing dimensions and sawing costs).

- log sizes (unit volumes and conicalities).

- end trimming (normally 10cm).

- saw blades

- prices for logs and for by-products.

- bark thickness.

There are already so called standard definitions for every item but each saw mill has it's own values and in order to get simulation as precise as possible you should change these values suitable for your own mill.

Call or send an email. Have a good and profitable simulation!


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